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Your winter survival kit

We are now in the midst of winter and still no sign of the weather shifting any time soon! We thought it would be a good idea to put together some products to go in your Winter Survival Kit! 

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How to be seen

As the days get shorter, your lights and wipers will play a major role in safe driving, as the chance of an accident significantly increases if you can’t see or be seen.

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How to stay on the straight and narrow

If you are a UK resident then you won’t be a stranger to the ever changing weather that Great Britain has to offer.

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Driving Through Flood Water

Flooding is something than can occur without notice at anytime, it might be from heavy rain, burst water pipes, river banks giving way and for tidal reasons. 

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How to use Emergency Refuge Areas instead of hard shoulders 

In a recent study over 50% of drivers are completely unaware of what these areas are for. 

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Ways to make your car last longer

With motoring being so expensive these days we thought we would give you some hints, tips and advice on making your car last longer...

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How to shop for a first car

So you finally pass your test and it's time to bin those L-Plates. Now to shop for that first set of wheels....

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Driving test changes: 4 December 2017

As of Monday 4th December 2017, the driving test will be changing to include following directions from a sat nav and testing different manoeuvres.

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Ten ways to get cheaper parking

With the soaring costs involved in parking your vehicle we thought we would put a ten step guide to get cheaper parking. 

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Bigger fines are coming - will it stop you speeding?

In 2015, there were 166 thousand people in England and Wales who were given sentences for speeding offences and fined.

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Changes to road tax in 2017

Road Tax is changing from April 1st 2017, but if you purchase your new vehicle before the end of March you can avoid the new additional costs.

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Car insurance is on the increase, what can you do?

After a series of yearly decreases in insurance prices, it seems that the trend for lower premiums is coming to a close.

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Vehicle break down – are you ready for one?

Having break down cover at this time of year is much more imperative than any other time, the cold is settling in and breakdown cover providers will be having there busiest days of the year at this time.

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Drink driving in the festive season

Christmas is just around the corner and many of us will be eagerly anticipating work parties and family celebrations, which will likely involve a few drinks. 

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A crackdown using your phone and driving

There has been an announcement from ministers about a tough new crackdown on motorists using their mobiles while at the wheel.

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The Brexit - what might be in store for drivers

So hopefully you have heard that Britain has voted to leave the EU which is also known as the Brexit, though no immediate action is going to happen the impending exit may possibly impact upon our nations motorists.

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Proposed changes to the current UK driving test

The government has proposed changes to the current UK driving test to make it a better test of the driver’s ability to drive safely on their own. 

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Ways to travel to a festival with advantages and disadvantages 

Haven’t decided how you’re going to make your way to your next festival weekender, don’t worry. 

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Drug driving on the rise

Since march last year a new change to the law came in to effect which allowed road-side drug screening devices to be used to detect the level of certain drugs in peoples systems.

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My cars broken down, what should I do?

Firstly if you have broken down on the motorway this can be considerably more dangerous than a normal road the first step you should take is to turn on your hazard warning lights.

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What is the Smart Motorways Scheme

The Highways Agency introduced the scheme in 2013 for use on congested parts of the road network.  Sometimes hard shoulders are used as an extra lane also.

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8 ways to cut young driver costs

For young drivers, the cost of car insurance is always increasing. If you are aged between 17 & 22 years old the average cost is £1,277 per year.

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Driving Tests around the World

A driving test can be an intimidating experience for a learner driver. How do they compare globally?

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Top reasons people fail their tests – So you can avoid them!

We obviously want you to pass your test first time, which is why we offer you the best lessons from the best instructors. However, there are many reasons you can fail a test, from nerves to bad luck! We’ve but together this list of popular reasons people fail their tests, so you know what to be cautious of!

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Private Driving Practice

Here at Intuition Driver Training we recommend that, if it’s possible, you try and get some private practice in alongside your driving lessons. This isn’t because you’ll need it – plenty of people pass without any extra private practice – but it does help.

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Proper prep for your Driving test

No matter how many lessons you’ve had or how confident you are in your driving capability, you will still be nervous before your test. Speak to anyone who has had a driving test, (even your instructor!!), and they will tell you the same – it is scary! 

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Dealing with Dual Carriageways

When it comes to driving on dual carriageways there are a few things you need to know before you take your test.

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Show me, tell me

At the beginning of your driving test your examiner will ask you some basic vehicle safety checks.

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Emergency stops

A some point during your driving life you will more than likely be required to perform an emergency stop, so it is very important that you know how to successfully. For example, if a child runs out in front of you, you will need quick reactions and good control of the car to stop promptly and safely.

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Stopping in an Emergency

Throughout your driving test your aim will be to slow down in good time and pull up gently, except in the emergency stop exercise, which will show your competence in taking immediate and effective action. 

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Time to go - Moving off and stopping

Moving off in a car without creating a hazard while using the correct systems of the road, and your car’s driver controls properly, can take some getting used to, often taking hours to master with a driving instructor before you become fully confident.

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