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For young drivers, the cost of car insurance is always increasing. If you are aged between 17 & 22 years old the average cost is £1,277 per year.

Here are some tips to save you money

1.       Add a second responsible driver
Adding a second driver to your policy can reduce costs especially if they are a family member and have a clean driving record. Adding them as an occasional driver brings the risk down making the insurance cheaper.

Always minimise your risk
Adding extra security to your car will bring down your insurance as there is less risk of the car being stolen. Parking your car in a garage or driveway is better than parking your car on the street.
Deciding how much you are going to drive your car in the year is a big factor of bringing insurance down so decide will you drive 5,000 or 10,000 miles in a year. The less miles the better to help reduce your insurance premium.

3.       Don’t Pimp your car
Making modifications to your car which isn’t for security benefits will increase your insurance price such as alloy wheels.

4.       Never lie to the insurer
The insurance company will ask you questions so make sure you tell them the truth because if you lied your insurance becomes invalid and you could face criminal prosecution for fraud or driving without insurance.

5.       Tweak your job description
Most jobs have multiple names for them such as a Secretary could also be called a PA with PA normally cheaper for car Insurance so test what job description is best for you without lying.

6.       Don’t auto-renew
Normally when your policy is coming to an end your insurance company will notify you and offer you a renewal price but this price could be a lot more expensive than your previous policy so please look around and get the best price for that year of insurance.

7.       Try multi-car polices if you live with your parents
Having multiple cars on one policy can reduce the price as the cars belong to one household under one address. This is a good way of bringing your car insurance down if you live with your parents.

8.       Have a long-lasting quote to help in today’s price
Prices normally go up for insurance and some companies have quotes that are valid for 60 days which gives you two months to compare and get the right policy and the right price. Hopefully, the original quote is less than two months time so companies will compete against that price for your business.

Hope you have taken our tips on board for insuring your car and if you need to pass your test then please give us a call and see if we can make you a fully qualified driver.