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If you get caught speeding tomorrow you could face a fine for 100% of your weekly wage for up to £1,000 or even £2,500 if caught on the motorway.

But a recent review of the sentencing guidelines for the England and Wales magistrates court has seen more severe and costly punishments being introduced, increasing the most serious fines by 50%.

Look ahead in time to the 24th of April and the limit will be increased to 150% of your weekly wage and drivers could be disqualified for 56 days if it is an excessive breach, and with bills, mortgages and extra mouths to feed, 150% should be enough for people to take notice.

Will this reduce speeding?

In 2015, there were 166 thousand people in England and Wales who were given sentences for speeding offences and fined. The average fine at this time wasn’t as shocking, racking up to £188 per sentence and 2 people actually spent some time in prison for speeding.

So with potential lock up time and a %150 fine, will it have any impact?

It’s not just a fine or prison time you’re facing though, being sentenced with either is more than likely going to have a negative impact on your car insurance premium. The 150% speeding fine is to be issued in excessive circumstances, but there will be exclusions for things such as a clean record that can reduce the sentence.