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After a series of yearly decreases in insurance prices, it seems that the trend for lower premiums is coming to a close.

Consumer intelligence has reported a 13.5% increase in the average price of car insurance over the last year to £788 which rises to £1,777 if you live in the north-west and to £1,068 if you live in London.

In recent years there has been what you might call a bit of a price war within the car insurance industry. Insurers had been setting their prices at an artificially low to get customer to go with them, fully knowing the unlikely hood that they would shop around and switch when it comes to renewal.

Cars are also becoming more intelligent and this means more expensive to fix with their array of sensors and all of the gizmos and gadgets that now come in the average new car.

Just think about the array of sensors, gizmos and gadgets in the average new car in 2016. This means that what would have been a minor prang in an older vehicle, probably just needing to replace the front wing for example, would now require much more work to fix because of the technology involved.

What can you do?

The increase of price doesn’t look like it’s going to be slowing down any time soon, but there is a very quick way you can find out if there’s a better deal for you when it comes to renewal, and as obvious as it may sound that would be shopping around for your car insurance.

You could also make some savings by tweaking your policy.

You can add a more experienced or safer named driver to your policy can aid in bringing the cost of your policy down too, particularly if you’re a younger driver or a driver that has been on the wrong side of a claim over the years.

You must make sure that you are entirely honest about who the actual main driver is though, because lying about this is known as fronting and could see you facing legal action.