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You may have read recently that shopping for car insurance on comparison sites has been found to leave drivers without elements of cover which were advertised. We’ll dissect the research and discuss how this might impact your future cover.

What errors were discovered in the study

There were errors discovered on all the main 4 comparison engines including: A courtesy car being “guaranteed” on the site but not in the policy documents Sunroof cover being included on the comparison site but not in the resulting policy Overstatement of personal liability cover Overstatement of cover for loss or theft of keys

How might this affect you as an aspiring driver?

In short as a person who has no car, it doesn’t. If you do already have your own car it could mean that the level of cover you thought you had paid for, isn’t in fact what you have. At Intuition Driver Training your insurance when you are learning with us is included in the price of the lesson so you won’t need to worry about the study until you are looking into purchasing your car.

What can you do about it?

To be honest very little. The study from Which? Is interesting (you can read the whole study here) but is potentially being blown out of proportion. Having used comparison sites in the past, we know the following things to be true: When you use a comparison website, you are directed to the supplier’s website to complete the transaction You have to check the details provided, options selected and that the level of cover is what you need before you commit to purchasing a policy Because you commit to purchasing the policy online a 14-day cooling off period applies which should give you ample time to check your policy documents and make any amendments you need.

In summary

Comparison engines are useful for getting a number of quotes from different providers, however if you don’t check the details of the cover before you buy or after your policy information is delivered you may end up stuck with insufficient cover for your needs. If you’re looking for driving lessons before you start the hassle of looking for a car and insurance, contact us for more details, we’ll be happy to help.