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Christmas is just around the corner and many of us will be eagerly anticipating work parties and family celebrations, which will likely involve a few drinks. But how many of us would get behind the wheel after having those few drinks? According to government statistics 91% of us think it’s unacceptable to drink and drive and 92% of us would feel ashamed to do so, but there are still a small proportion of drivers who think it’s OK to get behind the wheel after a few drinks.

Remember, if you have been out drinking, you may still be affected by alcohol the next day; sleeping, eating, having a shower, drinking a cup of coffee or any other ways of ‘sobering up’ will not help, it will take time, so don't drive.

Driving after drinking can have devastating consequences and can easily result in a loss of life. All too often we attend road traffic incidents which have life changing impacts on families. Please keep yourself, your family and others safe.

Despite the laws in place, despite the adverts that Think! produce on a yearly basis to discourage those risk takers, despite the stark reminders within the media – drink-driving at Christmas remains a constant issue.