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A driving test can be an intimidating experience for a learner driver. How do they compare globally?


Legal Age: 17

To drive in the UK, EU licence folders can drive their licences for as long as they're valid or until a renewal is required under UK Law. If you are a non-EU resident, you can drive any small vehicle (e.g. car or motorcycle) listed on your full and valid licence for 12 months from when you last entered the UK.


Legal Age: 14-21 (varies from state to state – Kansas and Idaho, issue permits to teenagers at 14)

All learners must complete a 6 month graduated licence programme before they're allowed to drive on the roads accompanied by a person aged 21 or over. The laws can restrict certain privileges, too, like carrying passengers and a late night curfew.


Legal Age: 18

As long as you're over the age of 18, you don't even need to take a test. If you want to drive there, all you have to do is buy a licence, which costs 626 pesos (the equivalent of £28)


Legal Age: 16

To get a licence at 16, you need to register with a driving school and pass 20 hours of practical driving, before taking a theory test. Pass this, and you're issued with a three-year certificate that lets you drive accompanied by an adult.

The practical exam can only be taken after you turn 18 and once you've covered 3,000kn driving accompanied. Learners are restricted to 110kph (68mph) on the motorway, too.

South Africa

Legal Age: 18

18-year-old applicants need to pass a yard test and a road test. On the road test, you can lose points for not checking under the car for leaks and not using the handbrake every time you stop. It's an automatic fail if you let the car roll back, even an inch. The pass rate is just 39%.


Legal Age: 16

After gaining a learner permit aged 16, drivers can then progress to a restricted, probationary licence. This lasts for around two years before you take a test for a full licence. New drivers must log how long they've spent with their instructor to ensure that they hit a regulated number of hours.


Legal Age: 18

Pass rates fall below 35% as tests are rigorous. They are taken on a course that resembles real road conditions. Drivers must remain at 30kph (19mph) or under at all times, and instantly fail if they drive over a kerb, fail to stop at a traffic light or junction or fail to check for oncoming traffic.