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Flooding is something than can occur without notice at anytime, it might be from heavy rain, burst water pipes, river banks giving way and for tidal reasons.

While most of the time for sea or river related flooding you will be well informed by the environmental agency or the news with warnings of the impeding water issue, but it is a lot harder to predict surface flooding that occurs from heavy rain or drains that can no longer contain the overload of water and this type of flooding can be very localised.

If you do get a prior warning that flooding is likely to occur, it is advised that you move your car if possible to higher ground to avoid it getting damaged.

If you hear there’s flooding on the way, move your car to higher ground to stop it getting damaged. Water plays havoc with electrics and can even cause airbags to go off suddenly some time later.

Now if you aren’t pre warned and find yourself surrounded by flood water, if it’s flowing or deeper than 4 inches (10cm) you should refrain from driving and wait in the car while calling for assistance. This being said, fast moving water can be powerful enough to actually move your vehicle and if this is the case you will have to use your own judgment on whether to stay or go.

Take it slow and be cautious

So you’re caught in rising water and you have decided that it can be traversed in your vehicle.

First of all, driving fast through water is dangerous and can also lead to quite an expense.  It will significantly increase chances of losing contact with the road and aquaplaning, anything above a slow crawl has the potential to throw water to the side of your car and it is an actual offence if this soaks a cyclist or pedestrian, one that you could get fined for and points on your licence.

One major risk to your car is that the engine can take in water. If just a mere egg cup amount of water is taken in to the air intake it will wreck your car.

As well as those, there are some things to think about and rake in to consideration when dealing with flood water.

If you don’t know the area, then there could be hidden dangers like submerged curbs, centre reservations and speed bumps.

It might seem ok, but be attentive to your situation. Water levels can change very quickly.


Always assume that the water is contaminated, urban flooding can mix with the drains and sewers and rural flooding will contain animal waste, all of which carry diseases can make you very ill.