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A some point during your driving life you will more than likely be required to perform an emergency stop, so it is very important that you know how to successfully. For example, if a child runs out in front of you, you will need quick reactions and good control of the car to stop promptly and safely.

It is recommended that you practice stopping your car rapidly in a controlled setting so that you know how to react if you ever had to stop your vehicle in an emergency situation. You may be asked to carry out a simulated emergency stop called a controlled stop on your driving test. Approximately a third of tests will include this exercise, so will we need to have practiced this before.

If you are asked to carry out an emergency stop, your examiner will ask you to pull over somewhere convenient and give you an advance warning that you will be given a signal for when you are to stop the car as if in an emergency situation. This will be him/her saying stop and raising his/her hand in the air.

You will need quick reactions when you get the signal to perform the emergency stop successfully. Take your right foot off the accelerator pedal and apply foot brake firmly. After a minor pause apply the clutch pedal with your left foot.

You should not slam on the brake as this can lock up your wheels which will cause the vehicle to skid. Also try not to put the clutch down too soon to allow the engine to assist with the braking whilst in gear. This will mean you can stop sooner and are less likely to skid.

As the weight will be thrown forward when you brake keep both hands firmly on the steering wheel to remain in control. Once you have stopped apply the hand brake and select neutral.

As this is an emergency mirror checks are not necessary as they will only delay your reactions. If you check your mirrors as often as you ought to then you will have an idea of following traffic anyway.

When you have stopped the car in an emergency you may be positioned more to the centre of the road, therefore to check all areas that it is safe to move off again you will need to check over your left shoulder (blind spot), check all mirrors and over your right shoulder before moving off.

Here at Intuition Driving, our instructors will make sure you can perform an emergency stop quickly and as safely as possible. We want to prepare you for a test, but also for safe driving for the rest of your life.   To book your driving lessons with Intuition Driver Training contact a member or the team today!