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As the days get shorter, your lights and wipers will play a major role in safe driving, as the chance of an accident significantly increases if you can’t see or be seen.

Get yourself some automatic headlights

On average around 1 in 10 drivers no have automatic lights fitted to their vehicle and most even now rely on them all the time. However do note that automatic lights do not normally come on in foggy yet bright conditions, as the light-level sensor they use does no register that is dark. You should always check to see if you need to switch them on manually and should be aware of other drivers on the road who may be almost invisible due to them not turning theirs on.

Fog lights

You don’t have to use your fog lights but if common sense dictates that you probably should then do so. Also if you’re unfortunate enough to get involved in an accident in poor visibility and you didn’t have them on your insurer may take issue with that fact. If you do use them, remember to switch them of once your visibility improves.

Some useful tips

  •         Use your fog lights when you need to.
  •         If you have them, don’t rely on your automatic lights.
  •          Be wary of other driver not using their lights.
  •         Dip your headlights and use wipes and demisters.
  •        Stay further away from the car in front than you usually would.
  •          Adjust you speed to the conditions and so that you will be able to stop with due time.