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If you are a UK resident then you won’t be a stranger to the ever-changing weather that Great Britain has to offer. Sometimes it can be quite pleasant but other times it can turn treacherous which is why drivers should especially take heed of any weather warnings issued by the Met office.

Whilst many car owners out there will be well aware of the potential dangers that heavy rain and snow can cause, the challenging driving conditions that strong winds bring with it are often overlooked but the risks really shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

Just the same as if there were heavy rain or snow if there is a warning out for strong wind the first thing to ask yourself is ‘do I really need to drive in these potentially threatening conditions ’. Now obviously not taking your planned journey isn’t always the most practical solution and if this is the case always plan ahead, look up any disruptions or latest reports about delays and road closures and plan your route accordingly. As someone once said “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

Vigilantly keep both hands on the wheel as a gust of strong wind can come out of nowhere and particularly more so if driving a larger vehicle like a van or truck which will be affected even greater by the wind.

As you pass gaps between buildings, trees or bridges you can expect to be exposed to side winds which you should try and anticipate the effect of on your vehicle. This is also just as important to do when switching from windy to sheltered areas as the sudden lack of wind can have just the same unbalancing effects as a strong gust.

Another key rule for any bad weather conditions that you have to drive in is to reduce your speed, but even more so in windy conditions, especially before going around a corner. You never know what’s going to be waiting for you around the corner and you will need adequate time to stop your vehicle.


It could be anything from a felled tree, a wheelie bin, part of a fence, flooding and even trampolines. The wind has the potential to carry a numerous number of different hazardous objects on to the road which can all be lurking around a corner, so keep your eyes peeled.