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With the recent development of learner drivers being allowed on motorways earlier this year, we thought we’d put to bed some of the myths perpetuated about young drivers and put them to rest.

Myth #1: More young people are taking up space on the roads

There has been an overall decline in young people obtaining full driving licenses over time but with no decrease in applications for provisional licenses. This could be due to the pass threshold for tests being more stringent, young people being more environmentally conscious or even an increase in the need for identification when buying age-restricted products.

Myth #2: Young people account for the most collisions on the roads

This is a purposefully sweeping statement. The 17-24 year old category does account for a large proportion of collisions per billion miles driven. However proportionally the 86+ years category also accounts for a significant number of collisions.

Myth #3: Young people don’t look properly when manoeuvring

In fact young drivers contribute a smaller percentage of collisions where “Driver failed to look properly” was reported as a contributing factor. There was also a slightly lower percentage of reported “ Poor turn or manoeuvre” than other ages.

In summary

Clearly lack of experience and confidence can be a contributing factor to young people being involved in collisions. However a well trained and confident driver, even if they are new should still be able to take to the roads safely.

At InTuition, we hold safety as above all else. Being technically able to drive goes hand in hand with navigating the roads safely. If you’re looking for driving lessons from instructors who care, contact us today.


Statistics gathered from the “Young car drivers factsheet”.