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No matter how many lessons you’ve had or how confident you are in your driving capability, you will still be nervous before your test. Speak to anyone who has had a driving test, (even your instructor!!), and they will tell you the same – it is scary! But those nerves aren’t necessarily a bad thing; you just shouldn’t let them get a hold of you! Being as prepared as possible will no doubt help you on your big day, so here are our top tips for prepping yourself to succeed!

Make sure you’re ready

Our instructors will only ever let you enter yourself in for a test once you are 100% ready, which is massively important. Not only will you not pass if you’re not ready, but it will also massively knock your confidence for future tests! So speak to your instructor and make sure you have had enough lessons before heading into a test.

Face your fears

Before your test our instructors will recommend that you have an hour to drive around - to ease you into it. During this pre test lesson, you should go through every you are most nervous about! So if it’s that reverse around a corner that you just can’t seem to master, or that huge roundabout on one of the test routes that you dread, do it before your test! It may sound daft, but this will calm your nerves. If you can do it right just before your test, you’ll find it so much easier doing it during the test!

Get good nights sleep

This one sounds obvious, but some people really do underestimate having a good night’s sleep. You will undoubtedly feel more alert, sharp and confident after a solid eight hours!

Have some grub!

Don’t, and we repeat, DO NOT go into a test hungry. Not only will it distract you, but if you haven’t eaten it could cause your sugar level to drop, which will really affect your ability to perform to your best! Eat a solid, carbohydrate packed meal around two hours before your test is due to start to make sure you are alert and at the top of your game.

Relax yourself

To give yourself a level head before you go in for your test there are a number of relaxing techniques you can try. Some people enjoy meditating to find their ‘Zen’, and some find doing some exercise helps them relax. Whatever usually works for you when you are stressed or nervous, do it before your test and the night before your test. There are also products such as ‘Kalms’ and ‘Rescue Remedy’ which work for some people. We find the best thing to do is close your eyes and take some long, deep breaths.

So remember, you will be nervous before your test – but everyone is! You will be absolutely fine, and it will be all over in less than 40 minutes!  And remember, after all, it’s only a driving test – it’s not the be all and end all. Even if you do fail, (which you won’t!), you will be okay! It’s not the end of the world, so calm down and try to enjoy it!

Good luck!