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The government has proposed changes to the current UK driving test to make it a better test of the driver’s ability to drive safely on their own. This will include 2 new manoeuvres and 2 new additional aspects of the test being added, nothing from the original test is to be lost and there is to be no loss to the standard of assessment.

Two new manoeuvres                                                                                                           

·         Pulling up to the right
Drivers will be asked to pull over to the opposite side of the road (right hand side) and then to reverse the vehicle back a couple of car lengths. This type of manoeuvre if often made more than the usual turn in road and left reverse ones.

·         Parking forward in to a bay
The driver will be asked to pull into a parking bay in a typical public car park such as a pubs, hotels or super markets for example and then will be instructed to reverse back out of the space. This type of manoeuvre is great for testing slow speed manoeuvrability, control, accuracy and effective observation.

Both of the new manoeuvres are completely legal to perform on the road, they are challenging but also are something that drivers will need to perform on a regular basis.

2 additional aspects

·         Using a satellite navigation device (satnav)
An addition to the independent driving section of the test which if added will increase the length of this section to around 20 minutes from the current 10. The idea is to move with the technology that new drivers will likely to be using and most people have access to a satnav these day, meaning candidates will require experience following there directions while driving. The satnav will be provided by the testing centre and not the participant.

·         Answering a ‘show me’ question whilst driving
An addition to the ‘tell me’ part of the test which will still be undertaken at the start of the test, the driver will be asked to use a control in the vehicle when thought safe to do so. Not unlike in a real life situation where you may need to alter a setting or turn on your lights while driving.


Apart from the additions above there are no parts of the test that are proposed to be removed or changed.