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With the soaring costs involved in parking your vehicle we thought we would put a ten step guide to get cheaper parking.

1. Research

The website has gathered a huge amount of data about car parks not only in this country but all over the World. Type into the website where you are going, then the site will load up suitable car parks in the area. This includes prices, which can vary from one car park to another.

2. Start with residential zones

Free parking can be found in many residential areas so if you are up for a short walk you could save pounds.

3. Understand parking notices

If you can be bothered to read the small print on signs you might find that you can park on more places that you might think. Many drivers simply don't understand parking signs 

4. Keep checking your watch!!!

Most car parks charge by the hour even if you use them for a couple of minutes. Keep track of the time and make sure you don't get way-laid otherwise you could be in for a nasty surprise.

5. Book your space

Some websites such as www.Your Parking allow you to check out all the car parks and book your space many months in advance if required. This removes the hassle on the day and can save you pounds in the long run.

6. Use someone else's drive

It goes without saying but you need to ask permission before hand but compared to traditional car parks the savings could be significant.

7. Look for package deals

Airport parking can be pricey so checking out airport hotel prices can be a good way to go. Sometimes airport hotels offer room packages that include parking for the time of your trip often only at a small extra charge.

8. Season tickets

Looking into acquiring a season ticket can offer savings of up to 70%. You could even use a 0% credit card but make sure you pay the balance or you will end up paying more in the long run.

9. Speak to your employer

Why not ask your employer if they offer car parking as part of a benefit or if not whether they would consider implementing it.

10. Get someone else to do it

Car sharing could be a possibility. At the end of day why not share the cost with another person on a day to day basis.

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