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Having break down cover at this time of year is much more imperative than any other time, the cold is settling in and breakdown cover providers will be having there busiest days of the year at this time.

One of the biggest causes for a call out at this time of year is a flat battery; sudden drops in temperature can shock your battery and will make it less efficient. This means that a battery that was just a little sluggish at getting the engine turning the day before may not start the engine even a little bit when the temperature drops.

The drop in temperature can lead to other electrical troubles so even if your battery is completely fine, the engine might still decide not to start.

Here are some good tips to help you stay safe on the roads this winter time.

·         Check your tyres and make sure to keep them properly inflated.

·         Regularly top up your windscreen washer fluid to ensure that your visibility of the road is optimal, essential at this time of year with the added dirt and grime.

·         Change windscreen wiper blades if they are not performing at peak performance, again to maintain optimal visibility on the roads.

·         Make sure your lights are kept clean and in working order, not only to allow you to see better but also to allow other road users to see you.

·         Have plenty of anti-freeze on hand in your vehicle and a proper purpose built ice scraper.


·         Make sure to have a set of warm clothes and even blankets in the vehicle in case of a breakdown to keep you warm, an emergency supply of snacks is also a good idea.