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Haven’t decided how you’re going to make your way to your next festival weekender, don’t worry. We have come up with the best ways to get there, along with the good and the bad points of each so you can make the best decision on how to travel.


Take a drive

Thinking of taking a drive to your destination? Here are some things to consider.



You are in control; there is no relying on others to get you there, giving you more flexibility to do what you want and need to do.

It can be cheaper than the train or coach alternative and you will also avoid the busy stations and dragging your luggage to and from said stations.



If not going solo and planning on fitting a few friends in to ride along, you will be limited on space. Make sure you have enough room for them and their supplies no one likes to sacrifice their essentials.

How are you getting home and will you be suitable to drive after your big weekend, all things to consider when driving.



Find some people online that are going to same place as you and you could carpool with them. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to get around with travellers.



Save money by sharing the costs of the petrol, meet new people making your journey potentially much more enjoyable. 

Better for the environment, car sharing is a great way to be greener to the planet and to reduce carbon footprints of all passengers.



One thing that might concern or even put off some is the fact that you are going to be sharing a car with complete strangers.

It might be difficult to actually find a car share, but they are getting more popular so this problem should decrease.

The journey could end up taking longer than other methods.


Rent a campervan

Feel like having a bit of extra luxury while you camp, campervans can be a great way to travel to a festival. You will need to check that your event does allow them though before making that decision.



You don’t have to go without, sleeping on a proper surface and waking up with the use of a shower and kettle is a great thing to have.

You can also take a bit more as most campers have adequate space for luggage and you can lock the doors, giving you extra security.



Campervans can set you back a fair bit in terms of cost and may need additional insurance in some cases. 

Many festivals only have a small space allotted for them, so you will need to get in there quick to secure a spot.


Whatever you decision

Whatever way you decide to travel to your festival, always make sure you are able to drive legally when you journey back and remember it’s always better arriving late than never. 

Happy travelling and most of all enjoy yourselves.


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