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Driving on a motorway and exceeding the 70mph speed limit, drivers are facing a greater risk of being fined due to the roll-out of the smart motorway scheme.

Currently the only motorways classed as smart motorways are parts of the M2, M6 and M25 which have a series of overhead gantries with variable speed limit signs and speed cameras.

The Highways Agency introduced the scheme in 2013 for use on congested parts of the road network.  Sometimes hard shoulders are used as an extra lane also.

What is a smart motorway - Video

Recently the Highways England has confirmed this scheme is coming to the M1 on a 20-mile stretch in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.

The idea of the scheme is to keep traffic moving and cut journey times but for those drivers that go over the 70mph speed limit have more chance of being caught out.

As with this kind of news the critics say that the cameras are hard to spot as they are painted grey and recent data suggests that motorway driving if quite safe and travelling just over 70mph is unlikely to increase the risk of an accident.

The question is will more of the scheme be introduced to more motorways and in the future will all parts of the motorways be classed as a smart motorway.